28.12.2018 :: Invitation to participation 2019
While oil and gas will still remain a key backbone to satisfy the world’s demand of primary energy, the contribution of renewable energy will continue to grow at the same time. However, as this contribution is usually electrical power it cannot easily be stored directly over longer time or transported with low losses over large distances. Hence, either alternative concepts for utilization, storage and transportation for this type of energy are needed. Some general concepts are converting the electrical power into gas (“Power-to-gas”) and using proven techniques and existing infrastructure for storage and distribution. The downsides though are the yet low efficiency in energy conversion and the logistics of handling gasses like hydrogen. Nonetheless, these concepts open a door to the hydrocarbon producing industry to make a valuable contribution and probably create new business opportunities at the same time. Competition task for 2019: “Digital Revolution – how would you like to work on an E&P project in the future?” You are kindly requested: • to describe a technical task or problem within the industry • to introduce a new idea, including practical work program in case of victory of your team • to explain how your idea increases the overall (industry) environmental responsibility • to evaluate the commitment to occupational and industrial safety as well as the creative component of the project • to evaluate the “speed of changes”, i.e. how soon the design effect will contribute to economic and operations • to introduce your team, describe your team roles and evaluate the way your idea may be useful for others. Please note, that ideas that have already been summited or are already conducted as R&D project will not be accepted. Presentation: Please introduce your team and your idea strictly using the application form given below. Submit your idea (the problem and ways to solve it), the implementation and possible solutions in the form of presentation - maximum of 20 slides. Kindly present your ideas in English. Evaluation criteria: • Creativity and innovation of the idea (30 %) • Feasibility and link to the traditional E&P business (25 %) • Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals (15%) • Contribution to energy security (15 %) • Quality and manner of presentation (15 %) Award: Three teams with the best submissions from both countries, Russia and Germany, will be invited to present their ideas at a conference in September 2018, which will select the best idea. The team that will have presented, according to the jury, the best idea will be granted the Young Vision Award 2019, which comes with following benefits: • 1-week internship in one of the branches of Wintershall or of Gazprom International • The publication of the proposed idea in the magazine "Oil&Gas Journal Russia" • A one-year complementary «Oil&Gas Journal Russia" subscription • Evaluation of the idea by one or more international experts. If the idea is found to be technically feasible, appropriate and economically justified, the companies Wintershall and Gazprom International will agree on supporting the first phase of the project via financing. Contestants: Currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program and maintaining student status in Fall Semester 2019. Participants must have a valid passport for travelling abroad. Deadline for applications: June 1, 2019 Jury: The jury is composed of independent international experts. The expert committee's decision on the finalists will be taken in July 2019. Contact: Anastasiya Boyarchencko (English, German, Russian) youngvisionaward@wintershall.com Tell: +7 812 718 64 04 For more information please visit: www.wintershall.com/youngvisionaward