15.04.2015 :: Invitation to Participate in the Third Russian German Young Vision Award


It’s no secret that in modern oil and gas production, even the most advanced production processes, equipment and technologies do not protect against the occurrence of technology-related risks entirely, which may result in air, soil and water pollution in the field of industrial activities.

With the increasing burden of environmental responsibility in mind, oil and gas companies strive to minimize them continuously, ideally by eliminating the chance for negative consequences resulting from the extraction of hydrocarbons completely.

However, the purchase of new, more expensive equipment and increasing investments in the development of complex technological systems incur an additional financial burden for subsurface users, and, unfortunately, do not always achieve the expected result in terms of environmental protection.

Efforts in this area have thus become more and more intense. Specialists are now convinced that a breakthrough may be achieved by searching for creative, innovative solutions that may not only change industrial processes substantially but also give new meaning to such notions as social and environmental responsibility, labor protection and health, which are crucial for every serious oil company.

History of the Competition

The Young Vision Award was established in 2013 as a joint project of Gazprom International, being the sole Gazprom company that specializes in foreign upstream projects, and Wintershall Russland GmbH, a subsidiary of German Wintershall Holding that manages assets in the territory of Russia. Its goal is to attract students at technical universities in the search for non-standard, fresh solutions to the kind of environmental issues that may result from industrial processes.

According to the conditions of the competition, the participants are to present innovative methods of oil and gas extraction without damaging the environment to the jury, consisting of respectable international experts, for consideration. Moreover, they will have to convince the arbiters that the presented solutions are not just new, but also economically viable.

Based on the results of the first competition that took place in September 2013, the research done by students of the Tomsk University, O. Bulgakova, I. Khadkevich and D. Rozhkova, entitled “The Environmental Impact of Arctic Oil Extraction”, was recognized as the best. It justified the potential of using the unique Tomsk turf as a natural sorbent for localization and liquidation of oil spills.

A student at Freiburg University, Martin Muller, became a winner of the second competition the following year with his work on the “Use of the Brinell hardness tests of argillaceous formation samples for advanced research relating to hydraulic fracturing”. The number of participants in 2014 was double that of the first competition.

Today, we are pleased to announce the third competition, Young Vision Award 2015. Its concept and objectives remain the same: To search for new opportunities, solutions, and technologies.


Competition task Please provide your innovation advancement idea on how oil and gas companies can reduce the environmental risks resulted from oil & gas operations via improving and upgrading existing equipment, systems and processing technologies.

Kindly present your ideas in English.


Please introduce your team and your specific solution - maximum of two (2) A4 sheets text. Submit your idea (the problem and ways to solve it), the implementation and possible solutions in the form of presentation - maximum of 20 slides.

Award The three teams with the best submissions from both countries, Russia and Germany, will be invited to present their ideas at a conference in September 2015, which will select the best idea.

The team that will have presented, according to the jury, the best idea will be granted the Young Vision Award 2015, which comes with following benefits: - 1 week internship in one of the branches of Wintershall or of Gazprom International - The publication of the proposed idea in the magazines Oil&Gas Journal Russia, Offshore Russia, Gazprom - A one-year complementary Oil & Gas Journal Russia"subscription - Evaluation of their ideas by one or more international experts. If the idea is found to be technically feasible, appropriate and economically justified, the companies Wintershall and Gazprom International will support the first phase of the project via financing


Bachelor students - last semester Master students - first semester

Participants must have a valid passport for travelling abroad.

Deadline for applications:

May 18, 2015

Jury: The jury is composed of independent international experts. The expert committee's decision on the finalists will be taken in June 2015.

Evaluation criteria: What criteria will be most important for the assessment of work?

To introduce a new idea: imagine possible ways to improve environmental and economic effect of existing production systems and/or equipment “on a market”, including practical work program in case of victory of your team

To evaluate the “speed of changes”, i. e. how soon the design effect will contribute to economic and operations

To evaluate the commitment to occupational and industrial safety as well as the creative component of the project

To assess your teamwork and how your idea will be able to act as a training tool for others

Please introduce your team working on the project

Idea presented should increase the overall (industry) environmental protection level

Ideas that have already been summited are already conducted as R&D project will not be accepted
40% - Contribution to environmental protection in production of oil and gas considering both environmental & economical effect from  improvement of existing production systems and equipment
30% - Operational applicability of the proposed solution, “Quick Wins”
10% - Presentation quality


Yulia Lebedeva  (languages: Russian, German, English) Tel.: +7 495 231 73 00 E-mail: yulia.lebedeva@wintershall.com

Ksenia Ryklin  (languages: German, Russian, English) Tel.: +7 495 231 73 03 E-mail: ksenia.ryklin@wintershall.com